Wardrobe Planning / Personal Styling

  • planning and building a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle
  • finding the right designers for your body type
  • creating and managing seasonal wardrobes
  • accessorizing to enhance your wardrobe and make it “you”
  • creating an inventory system that ensures you can easily mix and match
  • altering garments properly
  • providing tips on hair and make-up

Travel Wardrobes

  • packing a wardrobe that travels well and fits your specific needs
  • maximizing your wardrobe and not overpacking
  • dressing to match the climate and culture of your travel destination
  • shopping for the right luggage that serves your travel needs

Closet Organization

  • knowing when its time to say goodbye
  • creating a closet that makes finding clothing simple and stress free
  • learning techniques for storage and care of clothing and accessories